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Why are Printed Circuit Board Necessary and How to Design Them?

Opening any modern electronic equipment reveals a huge number of tiny components placed on a board. When closely examined, several tracks on the board lead to and from the components. The most common example of this is a computer motherboard—several hundred components crammed onto a board measuring roughly 23 x 23 cm. The board holds […]

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Which is Better for Vias — Mechanical Drilling or Laser?

Printed circuit boards or PCBs need holes at various places. These may pass through the board or partially through the laminate materials. Through-hole-components or THCs need holes passing through the board for mounting, while surface mount components or SMCs do not need holes for mounting. There is another type of hole, popularly known as a […]

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Advantages of Rigid-Flex PCBs

Complex circuit production, with rigid-flex circuit boards from Rush PCB Inc. offer amazing flexibility, both in terms of circuit design and implementation. Designers can achieve complex functionalities when they combine rigid and flexible parts in the same board. Designing with rigid-flex boards is a completely new technology in the electronics industry. The major advantage of […]

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Optimal PCB Inspection

Many customers of Rush PCB Inc., especially those who are new entrants in the field of electronics and printed circuit boards, want to know how to certify acceptance of PCBs they have received. With advances in technology, printed circuit board designs are increasingly more complicated involving intricate footprints and fine-pitch components. This makes incoming inspection […]

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Guide: Instant Full Turnkey Quote and Order on Rush PCB Inc

A printed circuit board or PCB is a common term today. Almost everyone understands that the motherboard inside their computer is a type of PCB. Such boards are a part of almost all devices and gadgets we regularly use, the heart of such equipment. Whether it is the FitBit a sportsperson is wearing on their […]

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