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PCB Assembly Rework

BGA or Ball Grid Array Rework Just like any other electronic assembly, BGA assemblies also require occasional rework or modifications. Rush PCB Inc has extensive experience and technical know-how with BGAs. We can rework your BGA board assembly, while preserving its robust reliability. Replacing and / or Reworking BGAs When reworking PCB assemblies, it is […]

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Military & Aerospace PCB Assembly

Military electronics and DOD demand high-reliability PCB assembly. All products must conform to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Design Considerations All military and aerospace devices must function without errors over their lifetime. Often, they must work under severe conditions of environment that include extreme temperatures and moisture. Therefore, the PCB assembly must have […]

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Ball-Grid Arrays (BGAs)

Ball-Grid Arrays or BGAs are surface mount technology or SMT devices with an array or pattern of solder balls on its bottom surface. The configuration of BGAs provides them with the flexibility necessary during temperature fluctuations, without causing stress to the solder connections between the balls of the IC and the PCB pads. Mounting BGAs […]

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Assembly Reliability

Assembly Reliability Pin-Through-Hole PTH Issues While reworking a PCB, the technician must take adequate care to repair or modify the board. To insert a new component, the technician must clear the solder from inside the plated-through holes. This requires careful heating as excess heat has the potential to damage the annular rings connected to the […]

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Assembly Capabilities

Mixed Assembly Placement In mixed assembly placements, Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs have both Surface Mount Devices or SMDs and Pin-Through-Hole or PTH components mounted on them. While placement of SMDs is directly on the solder pads on one or both sides, mounting PTH components is possible only through the top side of the PCB. […]

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