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If I am submitting more than one order at the same time, should I kit the components together? How do I kit parts if I’m submitting multiple orders?

Each order requires its own kit. You may send multiple kits in a single package, but please ensure to mark each kit clearly. Parts mutually used on two or more jobs should be clearly marked with a sticker or other marking to denote that the parts are shared, and indicate the projects they are used […]

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Do you have any existing inventory I can use?

Mostly, we do not carry any inventory. Only for a few customers, who we work with closely, we carry some inventory items.

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How should I supply components to you?

The same part number listed on your bill of materials should be clearly marked on each bag, tray, etc. Depending on the assembly service you choose, we can work with: Tape cut to 6” min length Tubes Reels Trays We assume you have taken adequate care to protect the integrity of the components. If components […]

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What Gerber layers do you need for assembly?

Please send files in the Gerber RS-274X format. For assembly, we need at the minimum: Silkscreen Copper (trace layers) Solder paste layers Preferably, as if you were sending them in for fabrication, send us all Gerber files generated by your CAD program.

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Can I use Digi-Key part numbers in my BOM?

Yes, you can use the Digi-Key part numbers. Your BOM structure should be: Digi-Key Part No. Reference Designator Description Package Type (footprint)

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