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What do you do with extra components after finishing the build?

Any extra components, purchased to meet the supplier’s minimum order, we turn over to the customer after assembly, along with the finished PCBs.

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How do I ship packages to Rush PCB Inc?

Please be sure Please be sure Please be sure to mark the outside of each package with the Rush PCB Inc and order number to: Rush PCB Inc ATTN: Procurement Department 2149-20 O’Toole Ave San Jose, CA 95131 U.S.A

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What discounts do you offer?

3 pcs 5 days 2 Layers, $10.00 ea / 4 Layer $20.00 ea – See New customer special page for more details. $1500.00 Off to new customer for PCB/PCBA order. Max credit $500.00 per order.

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What if I have problems with my boards? How do you handle rework?

If you find an issue with our workmanship within 90 days, we would be happy to evaluate and repair your assemblies, at no charge. Normally, we require an RMA for returns. Prior to any return shipping, please contact us for an RMA number.

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How do you handle component shortages?

When we notice a shortage, we have two options. Based on your decision, we can: A. Notify you and wait until you ship us the part to complete the order. B. Complete the order without that part and allow you to manually place it yourself when you receive the boards. To maintain the maximum flexibility […]

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Looking for an expert solution for your company?

RUSH PCB Inc. specializes in higher layer count PCBs, exotic materials, laser drill micro-vias, blind/buried vias, as well as conductive and non-conductive via fill.